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Maggnumite and Bluefort: Revolutionizing Subscription Management in the Dynamics 365

Updated: 5 days ago

Maggnumite and Bluefort announce a strategic partnership to revolutionize subscription management within Microsoft Dynamics 365, offering advanced solutions for seamless integration and enhanced business operations.

Innovative Synergy in Technology Solutions

Maggnumite is thrilled to announce a pioneering partnership with Bluefort, a renowned

leader in subscription management software. This collaboration marks a significant

step beyond conventional business alliances, merging our proficiency in digital business

integration with Bluefort's cutting-edge subscription management solutions within the

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem.

Unified by a Vision of Digital Transformation

Bluefort's mission is resolute: to reshape the subscription management (billing and

payment) experience for clients who use Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP via a streamlined

automation process. By Maggnumite harnessing Bluefort's advanced product offerings

alongside Maggnumite's adept integration capabilities in Dynamics, we are poised to

deliver a dual advantage – cutting-edge technology paired with strategic


Catalysts for Change and Growth

Echoing the sentiments of Edward J Harof, Bluefort's US Senior Business Development

Manager, “In the realm of B2B automation and integration within Microsoft Dynamics

365, passion drives innovation. Our collaboration with Maggnumite is a testament to our

shared commitment to revolutionize this space and showcase the immense potential it

holds for the subscription world.”

Forging the Future Together

Maggnumite's commitment to progress and superior service, mirrored by Bluefort's

achievements, sets the stage for exceptional outcomes. We invite you to join us on this

exhilarating venture as we elevate our clients' operations and the wider industry to

unprecedented levels.

Explore the Possibilities with Subscription Management

To discover how Maggnumite's integration expertise, in concert with Bluefort's

Subscription Management Software, can revolutionize your business processes, we

welcome you to contact us!



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