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Microsoft Consulting Reseller
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"MAGGnify" Executive Leadership

At Maggnumite, we are a tightly knit team of strong consultants. We firmly believe in close relationships with each other and our power to deliver our clients something truly outstanding! 


Not only an IT partner, but a family taking pride in mentoring our customers. We empower users to utilize their naturally deep understanding of their profession, allowing them to take full advantage of solutions that help grow and digitally transform their business.

Our Leadership Team

Dan Gregersen - Chief Executive Officer

With 15+ years of consulting experience, Dan Gregersen has helped a long list of customers within distribution and manufacturing achieve their goals. His strength is understanding customer business dynamics and through hands-on mentoring, building tight relationships that allow users to flourish and grow.


Spending the last 10 years leading and managing consultants, customers and implementations, he founded Maggnumite in 2018 with a vision of attaining more customer success through mentoring. Teaching, training and together with clients develop the systems and processes needed for them to succeed. Enabling users to take ownership of their own processes, building stronger and deeper achievements than other wise possible.


This vision guides how Dan leads Maggnumite, reenforcing an organizational culture where success is measured mainly through client success.

As an accomplished Sales Executive for 30+ years, Bradley Michael Webster’s forte includes Enterprise Resource Planning, Collaborative Infrastructure, Customer Relationship Management, Business Applications, Cloud, Intelligence Software and Technologies. 


Over the last 10 years, he has focused on manufacturing, distribution, and professional services industries. His keys to success begin with building a balanced life and providing impact on others… with a focus on local to global bridge-building, “keeping” positive relationships, investing in “communities of practice”, valuing a dedication to ethics, building a team on vulnerability-based trust and clarity, and committing to the Maggnumite’s vision.  


Bradley’s sales mentor is Tim Sanders who says, “I live to create value in peoples’ lives and I measure myself by their reactions. I’m a love merchant. I trade in intangibles.

Bradley Webster - VP, Director of Global Sales
Phylice Dupoux – Principal Finance Consultant

Starting her consulting career straight out of the University of Tampa's Sykes College of Business, Phylice Dupoux has spent the last 5+ years honing in on and developing her skills as an ERP Functional Consultant with her focus being Finance.


With 10+ implementations under her belt, in various industries, Phylice has been able to successfully provide sound solutions for those clients she cares so deeply for. Her drive and dedication comes solely from making her clients' day to day lives at work easier through the digital transformation Maggnumite provides. With a great personality and soft skills to match, Phylice excels at creating strong and deep relationships with her clients, leading them to trust her, and overall Maggnumite, to drive home solutions they know that they can truly depend on.

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