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"MAGGnify" Community

Giving Back

Finding our passion and paying it forward

The Shea Center has a special place in our hearts. We have spent countless therapy hours here since spring of 2016. Our daughter, Maggie, has physical therapy in the form of Hippotherapy every Friday afternoon. A great way to start off the weekend outdoors and a with Maggie’s favorite riding horse, Shaw!


Maggie’s riding therapy at the Shea Center is beneficial in a variety of areas. Beside engaging and strengthening a plethora of her body’s muscles, we have seen a big improvement in her language, confidence, and social interactions with other kids and adults. It is obvious that Maggie does not see Hippotherapy as therapy, but more like a sport or a fun after-school activity.


By donating our time, we have been able to give back to the place, that has given our Maggie so much more than just therapy. Being a side-walker during our daughter’s lessons, have given us the opportunity to create a special bond between the therapist, Maggie, and us. As an extra bonus, we get to be an active part of her therapy. 

As a volunteer, we build a special connection with those in need.

– The Gregersen Family

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To put my time volunteering with Think Big for Kids into words is actually harder than I thought it would be - it has truly been one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever been a part of.

I often look back on my own life and it's challenges and think 'where would I have been without my dad who was ALWAYS thinking big for me?'. Recognizing how lucky I was, I have always had this desire to give back and help those who were like me and that's just what TBFK has done.

At TBFK, our goal is to build and transform the dreams of the underprivileged youth and show them how attainable those dreams really are despite their circumstances or the fact that they are often looked over. We help kids think big, dream big and ACHEIVE big and I couldn't be more grateful to have a part in all the good Think Big for Kids does.

– Phylice Dupoux

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“It’ been an honor to volunteer and use our skills to serve 501c3 Non-Profit Organizations such as Working Wardrobes. We have an unusual skillset of photography, display, staging of charity thrift shops to acting experts in social media. Meta tags, that perfect shot to media hype…That is what we enjoy. We photographed the WW head office to all 4 thrift stores. All worthy of shopping. Please donate only to their Working Wardrobes Donation Center. Recycled clothing is a money maker in today’s market. It is our pleasure to donate men and women’s clothing, handbags, scarves, shoes, jewelry of gently used to new items. We are asking others to join in your gifting.”     

“Know of anyone needing a job? Job training, recruitment teams for those in need of work or seeking a better paying one. Check out Working Wardrobes Career Center."  


“Why volunteer at this Charity? We do it for the families in need of career job training, military transition to civilian life careers, transitional partnership of out of incarceration to job recruitment, to seniors' citizens seeking employment with limitations and focusing on a skillset. So many success stories. Personally, my wife was from a single parent family…Her mother with four kids in Los Angles California, USA. From Head Start programs, government food stamps, loving churches, charities, Library on Wheels, lunch programs to charity shops such as organizations like Working Wardrobes gathered to meet every need. Chin up…this charity is for real.” 

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Thrive by Giving Back 

– Bradley and Jennifer Webster 

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